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I am launching this page for the new customers who approach me for the first time in Raipur to recruit the best escorted girl. This knowledge helps us prevent and make an excellent day ahead of common misunderstandings.

1. How do I make sure I have fun with real independent escorts?

The profiles I showed on my website are just truly independent escorts. Through their contact, you can feel the consistency of the profile and how they manage customers. Most of them are experienced employees. And you just deal with them, the most important point. You explicitly send the gift to them, and nobody interferes with the arrangement. I believe that is enough to ensure that you have an independent escort girl who is of high profile.

2.can I have the same profile I chose?

Please don't use any low-class escort agency services to equate my services. I only work with the elite and have many happy frequent customers in the region. I'm going to submit your WhatsApp number with real images of available escort profiles. Select the best and schedule your case. It's easier to come and collect the girl so you can make sure that the same girl you picked is a good time.

3.Do I get profiles to accompany me in modeling?

Naturally, but hiring a modell girl is not at all easy. The customer must prepare a week earlier for the same minimum. And I'll make sure that the customer wants it and that he can buy such a profile. I will send the details of each model profile after I have checked this. The customer must pick one and obey my advice.When girls go to confidential facilities, they never like to publish their names. The customer must also respect its privacy.

4. Are the images on your site real?

I give actual self-employed escorts. The profiles will never disclose, individually, that they provide these services to their customers. They're secret in society and even close friends never know whether your friend in Raipur loves her life as an independent guide. How do I post your images on my web site in such a public place? I took all these images from other websites to demonstrate the girls' attraction. The photographs are incorrect and the names are wrong. True information is exchanged directly with consumers.

5. What is the secure method of contact for an escort?

I'd rather connect via email. Simply create a new account and email me with information and personal information. To get back to that, I'll submit the details. It will never come out of such contact and will remain hidden for all of your life. I am sure my customer provides ample encouragement to keep his personal information private.

6. How different are the charges?

Price id gift quantity measure. I have various profile levels providing various kinds of services. Based on the type of service the customer may select. Model profiles take more, while others are relatively less competent. We will talk about it when you contact me for the services.

7. Are you going to keep my information on your phone?

I never give the personal life and privacy of my dear customers the greatest importance, as I told you. Numerous customers I'm never going to save. My frequent customers know me, my services and privacy policy are relaxed. And I ask you not to save my personal information on your computer. I guarantee that I won't hold any details about you or any customer.

8. Do you run an escort company?

No, I don't maintain an accompanying office. I am a freelance accompanying girl who specifically offers my services to my clients. I've got a really good network of legitimate independent city escorts. I donate works to others while I'm occupied. Our relationship is successful and we have shared confidence. The independent companions are familiar, working, and intimate.

9. Can I get my money real value?

You're going to, of course. The profiles are genuinely strong and can do their customers' best erotic practices. If you have special needs, you must ask me to make sure you get the same support. It is my responsibility to provide my precious customers with the most committed and deserving services. More information about our services can be found in the testimonials. You may also sense how girls meet consumer needs.

10. Will you have corporate travel escorts?

Yes, for your business trips, you will get excellent profiles. You will receive the true business-class service and enjoy the ride. The customer has to get the date and pick the profile one week before and persuade the girl by sending the travel information. The cost of the gift should be fixed by mutual debate and pay half the price at the start of your journey.

11. Are you protected in your call?

My call-up service is not open to all customers, because I have to keep my customers safe. In every branded star hotel in the area, I always prefer out-call services. If you need an in-call accompanying service, you need to be a frequent customer or willing to give me all your personal information, so that I am sure that you are a truthful customer.

12. What should I do if I need the accompanying girl in my place?

Depending on your comfort feeling, you can schedule it. I recommend the guest to come to my place and pick the girl at your location if you intend to call out at your residence! The girl would come straight to your place if it is the star hotel. You call your hotel number before entering the room to make sure you stay in the same hotel and room number.

13. Is there a transfer or some automated transfer that I can make the payment?

All are based on the girl you recruit. You can do this if she's ready, but after the amount credited to her account, the service will start. If you're out of the hotel, you can pay by card. As the other digital transactions have their drawbacks, I still prefer cash transactions. Some transactions take too long and all deals with government authorities are accountable.

14. What are the escort services limitations?

There are often limited sessions according to the volume of the gift package. If you hire a girl for the whole night, it takes 8 hours for the girl to leave the place. Many escort girls provide full services so they don't have any restrictions on services. Often it varies on a profile basis, but before you employ it will show all the specifics of the services.

15. Would you like to provide a dating service?

I give it myself and have some unique profiles that offer romantic dating in the city of Raipur. You cannot expect any other sexual services from a girl if you hire just for dating services. You must speak to the girl and fix the deal if you need anything else. Girls are only available for dating during the day.

16. Special. I stay in a hotel; I need the girl in my bed, who's going to spend her journey?

The customer must spend money on his trip. He has to pay additional money for the up and down cab. And customers can hire a cab online and pay themselves well for me too. As I told the client, before the girl begins her location, she should be aware of her check-in name and room information.